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With Love, from The Dark Place

It’s been a really long time since I have blogged on here. There were many reasons, the most prominent was that I had taken the blog in a way that I didn’t feel true, simply for the fact of trying to actually blog. Other reasons were spending quite a bit of time in The Dark Place, and some changes in my family, home, and life. Sometimes it takes time to get everything sorted out to a new normal.

I came across this blog post from my FaceBook page. It was linked by a friend who understands the introverted, anxious, and depressive episodes. As I read the blog, I couldn’t believe how the writer seemed to take all of the swirling colors and emotions that I felt and put it into words. During a depressive episode, it’s hard to focus on anything, much less the words that I need to express to others what I need or how I feel. People mean well – they really do – it’s just hard to explain, and when I can’t get it across properly it sends me down another rung on the ladder because I “failed” yet again.

Anyway, This is a really good read, for those that suffer from anxiety, depression and other “invisible” illnesses as well as for those that do not. Read it: A Letter of Regret

Blog post is courtesy of TalkingThisandThat by Kirsten Young …Go give her a look. She has some great blogs.

Until next time, Love You Big as Sky!